The CCL Web site received an email this week from Pattie Palmer, long time member of the parish, member of Vestry and Co-chair of the Worship and Events Committee.  We asked her if we could share it with you and she agreed—

Last week we were all asked for the next two weeks, to “take the challenge” and ask ourselves “What Would Jesus Do” when faced with a decision or consider an action. We have been given W.W.J.D. bracelets to be a constant reminder of how Jesus would handle a situation. In addition, we are asked to read a portion of the Sermon on the Mount each day to better prepare us to face this challenge.

I have asked many of my friends and family to join me in taking this challenge and encourage you to do the same. What better way to let those you love know that you take your Christian walk seriously than to encourage them to focus on the life of our Savior and question each decision or action by asking W.W.J.D.


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