Some reflections on the message for Easter Week III:  The four most important words of Jesus


It seems almost everything we see or read or hear today revolves around peace or the lack of peace. Our world seems so dangerous, and so large…is peace even possible? The world stage seems to be hopelessly unpeaceful.
But while we may have little impact on the world’s peace we can have impact on our own personal peace. The peace that is in our heart and our mind and in our life, Jesus tells us, is achievable. But it takes work.  Maybe what Jesus is saying is that to achieve peace we must first have peace ourselves. And that requires that we have his peace.  He did say ‘Peace be with you’ a lot…

Some questions for reflection

Where are the places in your life that are unpeaceful and that need work, need some attention? Is there a relationship, perhaps, that requires your taking action? How about in your family? Is there someone there that needs your love, needs your compassion and needs you to provide the peace they are looking for?

And what about yourself? Is it possible for us to seek peace in the world or in others if we don’t have peace in ourselves? When Jesus says Peace Be With You, he means he wishes peace first and foremost within you and me! And remember as we have said during the message hoping for peace with is deeper than hoping for peace to us. With us means the peace abides in us, it resides in us and we are able to give it away, display it to others, offer it to others as our gift.

Prayer can lead to peace

I believe peace begins first within our heart. We must be settled and quiet to be peaceful. This week take five minutes each morning in silence (you know you can find five minutes if you try) and breath this simple prayer in and out with your eyes closed: Be Peace. You will find that these two words work perfectly with the rhythm of your breath so say it for the full five minutes. Do this simple exercise at least for five minutes each day. And during your day, when stress and ‘unpeace’ happens find a place to be quiet and return to your breath prayer. Once you get comfortable with this prayer see if you can increase the duration of time in silence.

You might also want to make a simple inventory of places in your life that are ‘unpeaceful,’ people and situations that need resolution…can you begin to resolve them? To fix them? What is the plan? Are some more important than others to fix now? Are some in need of your saying ‘peace be with you?’

And finally, remember our friend Jesus is peace, offers peace, wants to give us peace. Read his words, reflect on his life, see where he is leading you in scripture and prayer. Jesus is always leading us to peace. But for us to receive this gift we too have some work to do. Try to be more intentional in your relationship with Jesus and I promise you he will be more intentional with you.


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