Sunday School has resumed!

Sunday School gets off to a great start


Susan Dennison led a vibrant and fun Sunday School class last week. You are reminded that the Sunday School team (Anna Aschermann, Susan Dennison and Lauren Lange) are creating unique lessons each week based on the readings in church. Their hope is that what they are talking about in SS will result in some conversation at home.


Last week the theme in the readings, as our preacher Daniel told us, was repentance. After a brief conversation on what repentance means, Susan created this wonderful exercise where the kids colored in a beautiful heart with washable markers. Then to symbolize how repentance means a new start and the importance of forgiveness, Susan dipped the sheet that the kids had colored in water and the colored markings disappeared with only the black (drawn with permanent marker) heart remaining. How creative!


Anna has a tough act to follow this week!


Reminder children should go directly to Church House when they get to church. No need to come into the building for a dismissal.