Kurt's Reflections 9-22-2002

Reflection:  Retreat


My two days of almost complete silence served its purpose. I got some prayer and quiet time, I finished the materials for the Parish Retreat, and I re-wrote a chapter of my book, which needed to be done.


But it also served another purpose: it reminded me that I don't have to go to religious places to be with God, and be in silence. As my journal entries from the retreat indicate (attached to email*), I wasn't really in the woods after all. Though the video and web site show the Hermitage in the woods, truth is the massive monastery is right out the back door and quite visible from the place I was staying. 


So, I found peace on my retreat but I was again reminded that there are other places I can find the same exact peace without having to really go away.


For example, I also find this same silence at a small park in Aldie where a couple of years ago my granddaughter and I sat and talked and wrote and drew pictures and named a gigantic tree Zeus. Just yesterday I spent time with Zeus and experienced the same thing as I did in the formal cabin in the woods at the monastery. Just me and old Zeus.


It has less to do with where I'm going and more to do with just going away from the hustle and bustle. And as you will see if you decide to read my notes, the experience was good, but not something I think I'll ever do again.


Where do you find your Zeus? I'm sure you have a place. What areas of your world bring you peace, bring you the clear presence of God. We are reminded that Jesus went away frequently to find some peace. Shouldn't we?


See you Sunday,



*Originally sent to the church via email with the notes attached.