Kurt's Reflections 9-1-2002

A really short reflection...


This Sunday my Message is entitled: "How is God molding you?"  We will read from the Prophet Jeremiah that God called him 'to the potter's house' to describe how he was going to mold his people as the potter molds the clay.  As usual, God uses simple people (the potter) and simple professions (producing pottery) to deliver his messages. And, what does that have to do with us?


My Message (capital M) will reflect not only on an experience I had being 'molded,' but also I will reflect on the Gospel from Luke where Jesus tells us that we can't be his disciple unless we hate our family.


What? I thought he said 'love one another...'


How in God's name (pun intended) do these two readings complement each other?  Come Sunday and find out!