Kurt's Reflections 10-2-2002

Reflection: Stewardship


As many of you know I spent most of my professional career in the nonprofit sector where I headed up marketing and fundraising for a national nonprofit. During those 16 years I asked a lot of people for money and actually got some to give!


One of the things I learned during those years was that stewardship is not fundraising. They are connected, obviously, but not the same thing. I will explore this during my message this Sunday.


As with almost everything at Christ Church, our campaign is short and simple. We don't talk about time and talent (the usual campaign is time, talent and treasure), we just talk about money. At Christ Church the time and talent part takes care of itself. For this short effort we concentrate on financial resources.


May I encourage you to think and pray about what your commitment might be in the new year? And, not only to the church, but to other institutions you support, other causes that matter to you. We do God's work when we support others who are doing God's work. What causes matter to you?


See you Sunday,