Deb Smith, Missionary, to Visit CCL Sep. 27

On September 27, we will have a special guest speaker. Deb Smith is a missionary in Kenya, East Africa. To paraphrase a poem that Deb Smith recently shared on her blog, Ministry2Kenya []:

God said, “I need someone to sit in the dust with a child and tell them that they are loved. I need someone walking in true identity, someone burning with love and girded with truth. I need someone who will say yes before they are asked.” So God made the missionary.

Join us at Christ Church, Lucketts on Sunday, September 27th at 9:30 a.m. as we welcome Deb Smith to our community to share about her life as a missionary to Kenya, East Africa. Not your typical missionary, Deb spends her days ministering to those who are in need of honest and true relationship. Whether it be teaching a single mother to farm her land in a way that yields the most favorable crops, raising money to send young children to school (some who are orphaned!) or simply committing time to kiddos who otherwise do not know the joy of youth — baking cookies, flying kites or making PB&J sandwiches — Deb has devoted her life to making herself available to those who … quite simply … need her.