On Sunday the 29th my message was about how gentle Jesus must have been and how, as with all his teaching, it is meant for us to be gentle too.  I talked about gentle not being just quieter, but also meaning nicer.  I challenged us to be more gentle going forward.

In one way being gentle, in this age, can be looked at as being soft or weak.  Today it is the loud and powerful that get our attention.  Of course there are so many gentle people who have lived and impacted the world, that this is not what being gentle means.  Think of Mr. Rogers, Desmond Tutu, the Dalai Lama…gentle, yet effective and important people.

Without naming names, we have a church full of gentle people.  I know when I was talking about this Sunday we were all thinking about people who were actually sitting right next to us.  Gentle, strong, loving people, all of them.

How do we become more gentle?  Well it takes intention like any change in behavior or demeanor.  We have to want to become more gentle to do so and we have to think about it, catch ourselves when gentleness is not our inclination.  Think about how often we have snapped at someone or thought a bad thought about someone.  With intention we can stop that.  With our mind set on changing, we can become more gentle.

Jesus, our guide in all things, taught us to be gentle and loving.   In fact, the entire Jesus Message is about being nicer to each other, loving each other.  He is our teacher.  Let us vow to be more gentle and in doing so follow our teacher.


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