Sheila Heider RIP

May 16, 1938-May 23, 2019

This past Monday Christ Church was well represented at the funeral of our friend Sheila Heider.  I dare say she isn’t known too well by new folks but she is a legend to those that  knew her.  The funeral was beautiful, held at the Heider Farm- Van Vixen Farm-and was attended by several hundred people, a testament to how Sheila was loved.

Tomorrow I will celebrate the graveside interment of Sheila with immediate family.  I’m looking forward to this because it will give me a chance to really extend Christ Church’s love to the family.  Sheila was one of those that kept Christ Church together during hard times, and flourish during the good times. A long-time serving Sr. Warden, Sheila was one of the foundation stones of our little community.

In my short message tomorrow I’m going to talk about eternal life being realized in more than one form.  We have eternal life after death with Jesus, that is an important part of our faith.  But we also have eternal life when those that knew and loved the deceased refuse to let their memory go.  When you and I-those that knew  her and those that didn’t-continue to talk about how Sheila loved and how dedicated she was to God and the church, we keep her memory alive and that life becomes eternal in another way.  Sheila was love.  That’s all you need to know about her.  When you talk about love you do the work Jesus called you to and the work that Sheila did better than most.

Rest in Peace Sheila Heider.  Well done good and faithful servant.

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