Please grab your coffee and snack and return to the pews this Sunday after Morning Prayer.  We will have a short meeting with the following agenda items:

–what might the Strawberry Festival look like this year?  There has been conversation about the SF and its scope… we aren’t getting any younger!  Can we continue as is?  Or should we look at a scaled down version?

–what might our Outreach look like this year?  We give a lot to charity and our diocese.  Janet Lyman will walk us through an exercise of looking at our Outreach with a little bit more structure and focus.

–who will represent us at Convention this year?  I am part of the Diocesan Executive Board and thus automatically a delegate to the diocesan convention November 14-16.  You originally elected me our church’s delegate so we need to elect a new one.  If you are interested please make sure to attend the meeting or let the Sr. Warden, Susan Lee know of your interest if you aren’t able to attend Sunday.

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