December 2nd was the beginning of the church year.  Some aren’t aware that the entire Christian Church changes starting the first Sunday in Advent and the calendar of the church starts anew on that Sunday.  This year that is December 2nd.

At Christ Church we have a history of ‘keeping Christmas well.’  We green the church together (this year on December 23rd; putting all together is December 21 at 10am…all are invited to help), we had a special retreat on, December 1st,  we had a special Advent Choral Service with the Ecumenical Choir, and we start our followHim Advent pot luck and conversation Wednesdays starting December 5th (no need to register for this one;  bring food to share with others and be part of a meaningful conversation after dinner).  For a small church we have a lot going on as the ‘new year’ begins in the church.

Then on Christmas Eve we have a special candle light Eucharist.  This year will be extra special as we unveil our new Pew Cross–a beautiful wooden cross made by Bill Sutton (husband of Nancy) that will offer you a chance to light a special candle to celebrate Immanuel–God with us–and to celebrate Immanuel in your heart–God with YOU.  My message that evening is entitled The Manger in Our Hearts during which I will offer the thought that Jesus comes over and over and needs a place to rest…in our hearts–in your heart.

Join us for Advent and Christmas at Historic Christ Church;  a great way to ‘start the new year.’

Peace and all good,


Lay Pastoral Leader

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