Sunday, Nov. 11, we will have two messages during our Morning Prayer service.  In the first I will talk about the Gospel Story, which this week is the ‘widow’s mite.’  We all know that story…the rich people put lots of money in the plate at the synagogue and the old widow puts two copper pennies.  Jesus reminds those around him that she has given all she has and the others have given from their abundance.  There is a good message here about giving from our heart, giving in all its forms intentionally.

But I don’t think the widow’s mite story is solely about money.  I think what the widow has done  is surrender.  She gives all she has because she trusts God to take care of her.  To me this story is about our willingness to put it all in God’s hands.

This story, then, is about following Him completely;  it’s about surrendering our lives to Jesus and expecting him to take care of us.  It is about saying to Jesus ‘you now, must live up to your end of the bargain.  If I’m going to surrender, I expect you to take care of me.’

I’ll tell a story about my surrender on Sunday.  This is a continuation of the story I told in church a few weeks back, the story where I spoke of a period in my life where I decided I didn’t need god to help anymore.  I had this.  It was a story about how wrong I was.

My surrender story is, many ways, much scarier than the ‘I can handle it thank you very much’ story.  My surrender story is about being the widow, it is about my putting my two copper pennies in the plate.

This story-the widow’s and mine-come at a good time as we wrap up our stewardship activity.  So in part II of the message I will ask us to consider just who we are.  In fact I’m going to ask…so who are we as a faith community after all?  I believe the answer to that question will also provide ample proof that we are a place we love, a place we cherish.  And a place we must protect.

I’m not just talking about the building here.  In fact were we to be without a building I think we would still flourish and we would still take care of the community as something we cherish.  I’m talking about us as community.  I’m talking about ‘we are the widow.’

We are a follow him community.  And that’s worth protecting.  See you Sunday.



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