On behalf of the members of our congregation, I want to offer you a cordial welcome.

Since its humble beginnings in 1773 when church members met in a house owned by Joshua Gore and later when the church opened its present chapel doors in 1868, this church has always been a community of people who love each other and express their love for God in practical service. We had a time when the church was closed between 1956 and reopened in 1988. Since then Christ Church has been known for dignified worship, lively education, and sustained service to the surrounding community. Underlying all that we do is the conviction that God is an active presence in our lives. Parish worship and programs are devoted to nurturing that presence.

We hope you will come to find out more about us from experience, and we hope you will be drawn to return to join us in our shared ministry.

The Reverend Stephen D. Becker, Vicar